Oct 11, 2008

Dan Seals on Iraq

What He Says

When Dan Seals speaks to Democratic audiences, he strongly supports an immediate withdrawal from Iraq...

"I think we can start bring our troops home immediately and then phase the withdrawal down in about a year." -- Dan Seals, Stevenson High School, January 9, 2008

His Record

But when Dan Seals speaks to reporters, his position begins to look very similar to Congressman Kirk's...

"So, my view on a withdrawal is to be very responsible about it. As much as people would have loved to have left yesterday, that's just not practical. And so I am favoring a phased draw down." -- Dan Seals, WBBM "At Issue," April 13, 2008

"I would put that forward as a deadline and I would be willing to adjust it as conditions on the ground change." -- Dan Seals, Chicago Tribune Interview, December 27, 2007

"I believe our best approach is a responsible withdrawal from Iraq. Our withdrawal should not further destabilize the country and should all the Iraqi government time to prepare." -- Dan Seals, Campaign Web site, August 11, 2006

"Bringing our troops home doesn't mean the end of our support for Iraq. We should continue to provide our expertise, our money, and even our weapons for the effort." -- Dan Seals, Campaign Web site, August 11, 2006