Oct 25, 2008

Dan Seals on Immigration

What He Says

"Number one, we need secure the border first and foremost." -- Dan Seals, New Trier Forum, January 10, 2008

His Record

On Amnesty for Illegal Aliens:

“As far as my views on immigration reform, I do favor comprehensive immigration reform.” – Dan Seals, Waukegan Forum January 8, 2008

"Seals said he supports a one-time amnesty to establish a 'path to legal status.'" -- Daily Herald, March 6, 2006

"You can't begin to solve it unless you know who's here. Giving them some type of legal status is the humane way to go. It has to be balanced with border security." -- Dan Seals, Daily Herald, March 6, 2006

"Democrat Dan Seals of Wilmette...says his views more reflect a Senate plan establishing a "path to citizenship" for illegal immigrants already living in this country." -- Daily Herald, October 5, 2006

On the Security Barrier along the Mexican Border:

"I think that's silly." -- Dan Seals, New Trier Forum, January 8, 2008

"It's just not an effective way to do it." -- Dan Seals, Waukegan Forum, January 26, 2008

On Employer Accountability, Border Control and Criminal Aliens:

Dan Seals opposed H.R. 6094, the Community Protection Act, which boosts authority to law enforcement to deport illegal aliens who are members of dangerous gangs. (Seals Web site)

Dan Seals opposed H.R. 4437, the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act, which dramatically increases the size of the border patrol, authorizes new surveillance technology to help control the border and increases penalties for employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens. (Seals Web site)